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  • Systems For Punks

    Systems For Punks

    TL;DR: you can get the game on my I played Cyberpunk (R Talsorian Games, 1990) back in the 90s, like everyone I knew. The Finnish translation was superb, an improvement over the original, and very popular in the local scene. We house ruled it heavily. Later editions haven’t been very good, and we…

  • Things I wish D&D did differently

    Things I wish D&D did differently

    I’ve run a lot of 5E. It’s a fine edition, but I find that mostly it’s getting in my way, and not really helping me run the game. My players seem to like it for the most part, and that’s probably the thing: the character options are fun to play with, but they come together…

  • Blade Runner RPG: Electric Dreams and beyond

    Blade Runner RPG: Electric Dreams and beyond

    I am running two campaigns of Free League’s Blade Runner RPG (2022). We’re eleven sessions in, planning to continue with Fiery Angels once the boxed set releases next month. It’s a good game, everything I hoped from an official Blade Runner game, and with the high quality adventure Electric Dreams in the boxed starter set,…

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Candlekeep Mysteries

    Dungeons & Dragons: Candlekeep Mysteries

    We’re playing through Candlekeep Mysteries, in order, taking characters through levels 1-17. Here’s how I’m doing it. My core group has been asking for more D&D for some time (years) now, and I haven’t had the drive to run any. I do like 5E, but a lot about D&D doesn’t really work for me –…

  • Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods

    Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods

    I ran Free League’s Alien roleplaying game’s starter set “cinematic adventure” Chariot Of The Gods over three sessions in early winter 2023. This is a report of how it went down, what worked, and what I would advise other Game Mothers to do or be wary of. The short of it: this is a great…

  • What A GM should learn from Baldur’s Gate 3

    What A GM should learn from Baldur’s Gate 3

    Like a lot of people, I’ve played a lot of Baldur’s Gate 3 this winter. We also play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, and while it’s a different medium, there’s a lot to consider in the digital game that can have direct use at the tabletop. Starting with something hands on: Players are more…

  • 2024 Game plan

    2024 Game plan

    While these plans never work out as designed, I want to inspire others to plan their gaming year. Let’s go! My ideal pace is running a game every other week, so up to 26 sessions a year. Holidays can be more frequent (or less, if out of country), and business travel eats into the weekends…