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  • Alice Is Missing

    Alice Is Missing

    They had me at “a quiet roleplaying game”. All roleplaying games are a conversation, whether that’s at the table or over videochat – how does a quiet roleplaying game even work? In Alice Is Missing, the players are all in the same space physically, but talking is not allowed. Instead, you text on your phone.…

  • The Mountain Witch

    The Mountain Witch

    Playing The Mountain Witch makes your table better at playing roleplaying games. The Mountain Witch was released in 2005, and I was active in online RPG circles at the time, where it would’ve been discussed, and could be that I’ve run it since around then. I believe we first played the game jam version of…

  • Why we gather

    Why we gather

    I am forty five years old. I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games for thirty five years. I am middle aged, and increasingly aware of my limited time on Earth. I wonder what is the point in most things I do. I am ridiculously into Taylor Swift, despite not being a young woman in dramatic heart…

  • Heavy Gear 4

    Heavy Gear 4

    Heavy Gear is the game series I have the most feelings for, ever since seeing a print ad in White Wolf Inphobia magazine (1995 – oh cool, a mere 29 years ago! I’m not old). It showed a charging, bright yellow mecha in a dense jungle. I had never seen giant robot design like it,…

  • Stars & Wishes

    Stars & Wishes

    Stars & Wishes is the one system agnostic mechanic I advise any GM to deploy. It is really simple: at the end of a session, take five minutes to remember and record what was great about the game, and what wishes everyone has for the next game. You’re basically harvesting for both positive and corrective…

  • Monsterhearts 2

    Monsterhearts 2

    We played a four session campaign of Monsterhearts 2 in February-March 2024. We’ve played Monsterhearts quite a bit, but never with this specific group. How we did it I had picked four players, which I feel works best for the game. It gives some room for characters to find their way, without having to give…

  • Systems For Punks

    Systems For Punks

    TL;DR: you can get the game on my I played Cyberpunk (R Talsorian Games, 1990) back in the 90s, like everyone I knew. The Finnish translation was superb, an improvement over the original, and very popular in the local scene. We house ruled it heavily. Later editions haven’t been very good, and we…

  • Things I wish D&D did differently

    Things I wish D&D did differently

    I’ve run a lot of 5E. It’s a fine edition, but I find that mostly it’s getting in my way, and not really helping me run the game. My players seem to like it for the most part, and that’s probably the thing: the character options are fun to play with, but they come together…

  • Blade Runner RPG: Electric Dreams and beyond

    Blade Runner RPG: Electric Dreams and beyond

    I am running two campaigns of Free League’s Blade Runner RPG (2022). We’re eleven sessions in, planning to continue with Fiery Angels once the boxed set releases next month. It’s a good game, everything I hoped from an official Blade Runner game, and with the high quality adventure Electric Dreams in the boxed starter set,…