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  • Break!! Appendix Nes Roleplaying

    Break!! Appendix Nes Roleplaying

    Appendix NES, as in Nintendo Entertainment System, the 8-bit console that birthed a gaming generation in the 80s, is how someone apparently described Reynaldo Madrinan’s OSR adjacent original game design on, way back in 2016. The game was a success on Kickstarter much later, and landed in glorious 470-page hardcover format early this year.…

  • Five Parsecs From Home

    Five Parsecs From Home

    Five Parsecs From Home is a popular solo adventure wargame – an excuse to play with all your (scifi) miniatures, all by yourself, no need to match schedules with your busy friends. I picked this up because I like to play with miniatures, and don’t get enough games going because of challenging schedules (primarily, my…

  • Chariot of the Gods: Second run

    Chariot of the Gods: Second run

    We played the Alien RPG beginner box “cinematic adventure” Chariot of the Gods for the second time. Most players were new, but one of them came for a second round. What was different this time? Would I run this again? The Cinematic Adventure The “cinematic adventure” format is meant to generate an experience very close…

  • Alice Is Missing

    Alice Is Missing

    They had me at “a quiet roleplaying game”. All roleplaying games are a conversation, whether that’s at the table or over videochat – how does a quiet roleplaying game even work? In Alice Is Missing, the players are all in the same space physically, but talking is not allowed. Instead, you text on your phone.…

  • The Mountain Witch

    The Mountain Witch

    Playing The Mountain Witch makes your table better at playing roleplaying games. The Mountain Witch was released in 2005, and I was active in online RPG circles at the time, where it would’ve been discussed, and could be that I’ve run it since around then. I believe we first played the game jam version of…

  • Why we gather

    Why we gather

    I am forty five years old. I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games for thirty five years. I am middle aged, and increasingly aware of my limited time on Earth. I wonder what is the point in most things I do. I am ridiculously into Taylor Swift, despite not being a young woman in dramatic heart…

  • Heavy Gear 4

    Heavy Gear 4

    Heavy Gear is the game series I have the most feelings for, ever since seeing a print ad in White Wolf Inphobia magazine (1995 – oh cool, a mere 29 years ago! I’m not old). It showed a charging, bright yellow mecha in a dense jungle. I had never seen giant robot design like it,…

  • Stars & Wishes

    Stars & Wishes

    Stars & Wishes is the one system agnostic mechanic I advise any GM to deploy. It is really simple: at the end of a session, take five minutes to remember and record what was great about the game, and what wishes everyone has for the next game. You’re basically harvesting for both positive and corrective…

  • Monsterhearts 2

    Monsterhearts 2

    We played a four session campaign of Monsterhearts 2 in February-March 2024. We’ve played Monsterhearts quite a bit, but never with this specific group. How we did it I had picked four players, which I feel works best for the game. It gives some room for characters to find their way, without having to give…