About this site

Dungeons & Dragons Fantasiaroolipeli Perussäännöt by Protocol Productions, 1988. Licensed from TSR. Cover art by Larry Elmore.

Hi. I am Joonas Laakso. I live in Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been running tabletop roleplaying games since at least 1988 – might be a few years earlier, but that’s when I got the Finnish edition of “red box” Dungeons & Dragons Basic. I was 10 years old. I didn’t understand the game at all to begin with, but there was no going back: roleplaying became an obsession for me. I don’t say that lightly – it is by far my most important, most defining thing in my life that isn’t my family.

In August 2023 I decided to get back into blogging about RPGs after an almost complete hiatus of a decade, owing to work. My original drive to write came from wanting to work in game development professionally. Once I got into gamedev, that drive diminished. Recently it’s been rekindling. Probably because I’m running more RPGs than in decades.

In January 2024 my WordPress installation got hacked. I lost all of my sites. I decided to use the opportunity to retire my old general gaming site, Dusty Gamer, and relaunch as a tabletop gaming specific site – Roleplay Letters.

When I say “tabletop gaming” I mean roleplaying, be it physically in a room with friends, or online in a video chat, and roleplaying adjacent “hobby gaming” – all things miniatures. While playing with miniature giant robots may not be strictly speaking “roleplaying”, for me there’s a lot of overlap, as most of my miniatures are used with tabletop roleplaying games.

I don’t have a content plan for this site. All I know is that as I am running games, I have thoughts on roleplaying that I want to get out there, and I will use this space for that purpose.

You can find me online on Instagram, Threads, and Bluesky, until another billionaire screws those up to the degree that I abandon them. I am @jlaakso or discoverable by my full name everywhere.